Super Vac P Series (S) Smoke Ejectors

Super Vac P Series (S) Smoke Ejectors


Ventilation is a necessary process of almost any firefighting operation. The ability to remove smoke, heat and fire gases from a structure can greatly assist with the ability to find victims. It creates an environment more survivable for those victims, reduces the environmental impact the firefighters have to operate in and will accelerate the ability to facilitate fire control and extinguishment. Super Vac’s P Series smoke ejectors provide departments with a high quality electric unit that is fit for their particular needs. They are available in 4 sizes (12”, 16”, 20”, and 24”) and feature a TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over) motor. These units have unmatched durability that will last for years. The entire frame is constructed of steel with four carry handles for easy transportation. Rubber feet add friction to keep unit in place and front/rear safety guards prevent accidental contact with the blade.

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